Cardigan Hospital: the centenary

Front page of the Tivy-side:
Cardigan and District Memorial Hospital Opened
Enthusiastic Welcome for Dame Lloyd George
Dame Margaret Lloyd George walking down Priory St on the way to the Hospital

The Herculean effort to raise money over the years:

A list of contributions from the town and district in 1930:

Fundraising continues in 1938:

The site today:

Items from Keith Ladd’s collection.
Sympathy is extended to Keith on his recent bereavement.

Renewed Threat to Cardigan Hospital


For many years the people of Cardigan and district, who established for themselves a hospital to serve the area, have experienced concern over the future of the hospital they had created but which the state assimilated. Again and again assurances were sought – and given – that the status of the hospital would be maintained. Now it transpires that these assurances, no matter how well intended, may yet turn out to be merely diplomatic evasions to keep the mob quiet. It is possibly of little avail to indicate to the authorities that the most important person in any hospital should be the patient. Now, with the bureaucrat holding sway, convenience of planning must apparently be given priority and centralisation is the watchword.

For some time the more violent Welshmen have protested vigorously against rule from Whitehall. It now appears that even in Cardiff the functionaries of the welfare state are too far away to hear the demands of the rural areas.

At this stage we can urge one thing, and one thing only, to fight wholeheartedly this project which will deny to local people the services of an institution for which, in the past, they have made many sacrifices.

If ever Cardigan believed in anything, now is the time to show it. It should be made abundantly clear to the district authorities that we need the services provided by the hospital here, in the centre of the area for which it was designed and that we mean to fight to the utmost to maintain that position.

Cardigan and Tivy-side editorial dated 13 January 1961