18 March (1949) Complete bedroom suites available for £46.13.3 at Shire Hall

  • 18 1949 (Fri.) Mr David Jones Watts drapers (Cardigan) Ltd.) wishes to announce the arrival of a wide range of SPRING GOODS. These include a beautiful section of the famous Windsmoor Coats and costumes. and of other leading London stylists, both in Utility and Non-utility. Also a selective range of Wedding gowns and accessories. Old and new customers are strongly advised to visit our NEW SHOWROOMS at an early date to ensure a good choice. Cofiwch alw. Mae croeso cynnes i chwi i gyd.
  •  18 1949 (Fri.) Shire Hall. Anything you need in furniture. Oak bedroom suite complete £46.13.3.  3-piece suite in all coverings and design £37.8.0d

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